Annika Wong

Student Focus: Annika Wong

Annika Wong is graduating in 2022 and is just one of our amazing scholarship students.
Stephen Longmire

Donor Focus: Stephen Longmire

How important is it to support study in graphic communications? Just ask Stephen Longmire. They donated to the Don Gain In Memoriam Scholarship Campaign. You can too.
Renée Yardley

Trustee Focus: Renée Yardley

Through the work of Trustees like Renée Yardley, Trustee Member of the Board, we can continue to support study for young people entering our industry.
Marquis Book Printing Inc. Logo

Donor Focus: Marquis Book Printing Inc.

Donors like Marquis Book Printing Inc. help attract talent to the graphic communications industry. Thank you for your support.
Julianna Bellamy

Student Focus: Julianna Bellamy

Introducing Julianna Bellamy, a scholarship student in the class of 2022 who is passionate about graphic communications.